GTA V post delay


OK few days from my last post, curious why?
GTA V mofo’s!

Is it great, the greatest yet… maybe so?

How would I compare it?

Look at the water!

Ever since playing the first Halo, every great game can be compared by the water graphics and movement, and Pisswater is this good!

I could tell stories of lap dances, hookers, flying trips & shootouts… but the scenery and specifically the water… plus maybe the comical plot, stands GTA v head and shoulders above the rest.

This is where I wanna live out my virtual life, and I’m only on my 3rd game session.

The screen shot above does it no justice… wish I could surf in these virtual waters 🙂

Update: A week and ~60% into the game

As a friend describe it to me today, this is how we imagined games could be as kids.
There’s everything in vivid detail, and we’re not even playing online yet!

If there is only one game that you currently own, this should be it.
[Rating: 5]