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wish I had more time to play, although enjoying the other aspects of life 🙂

Loving Batman: Arkham Knight, the city is vast, the bat mobile is awesome, and the plot dark & trippy.

Just had a quick intro to Styx: Master of Shadows.. fantastic free title from PS4 Play, I’ve paid much more for worse, although cautious the plot could be too 2 dimensional, but it takes me back to a White Dwarf, War hammer RPG Universe

Picked up 2 new geek garments coutesey of Jinx:

Pacman & Space, how cool can you get?

Mirror’s Edge, so hope I’m not disappointed by the SQL 😉
Life’s too short not to game 🙂

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  1. Still haven’t picked up the [pre] sequel to Mirror’s Edge as I have far too many games left incomplete.

    Hope to have time for it, together with FF XXV this side of Xmas… yeah right 🙂

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