Batman Arkham Knight


Arkham Knight
I’ve been a fan of batman since my teen days, and have enjoyed each of the new video game series, so was stoked to pick up Batman Arkham Knight on the PS4.

I wasn’t happy about seeing the ‘season pack’ for sale for ~$70! Guess the Call of Duty business model is working?

First impressions

  • Frame rate seems a little too fast, the moment in combat is somewhat lost
  • Batmobile is now central to combat, not sure if it’ll be OP’d, or a plot crutch?

I’m not far into exploring Gotham, although enjoying the same look and feel. I like how the plot has cleared out the city of innocents, and am looking forward to how the plot fleshes out.

… more to follow ­čÖé

Update Finale:

OK so I missed out a little commentary between my first session and just finishing the story this evening (94%, couple of bombs then Riddles to solve)

I’ve loved the dark story line, something that could never have been pulled off in a movie. By playing a scenario from the perspective of the character(s) it becomes similar to a Shakespeare soliloquy.

I now know more of the characters, their history is much more detailed than the previous titles,although not sure what is cannon?

The city is huge, the combat is fluid, a variety of gadgets are able to overcome most adversaries, and the batmobile kicks arse.

I’m kinda sorry the game is over, but I still have 100% to achieve, and there’s always NG+, and the DLC I picked up buying at launch.

Certainly the best of the Batman series, and my favourite title so far on this gen of console, perhaps the greatest single player title yet?… think I even prefer it to Witcher 3 (although not finsihed it yet), look forward to how MGS5 compares

PS> Longest credit roll ever! ­čÖé

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