Finally met my Sifu


I’ve been waiting for this SloClap title for a long time, and I’m so stoked with what has been delivered: varied vicereal combat, which flows like a q tip track


Absolver was intersting, and fun… to an extent, but Sifu takes it to a higher plane.

A linear, rogue esq title, that reivents perks, and takes beat ’em ups to another level.

Fighting games now have a new benchmark, and Sifu is the standard they are now required to meet.

It has elements of FromSoftware’s Dark Souls… you can grind to make it (a little) easier, but the only way top progress is ‘git gud’

The story is reminicent of old kung fu movies, bodacious bad guys with slick combos and move styles.

Combat is intuitive and varied; block, parry, counter your bread and butter.

Moves and perks are unlocked, weapons picked up and destroyed, progression is made.


I could share tips and tricks, but the main sites do that, all I encourage is to take your time, and enjoy every moment