Enter player 2


Yesterday morning my Son was watching a stream on his ipad of someone playing a Mario game on the Switch. We chatted about it, I’ve introduced him to it in the past, with little interest on his part. Then he requested that we play Mario!

I’ve been waiting for this day! 🙂

Now don’t get me wrong, he does enjoy games… although usually watching me play; saying this the only game completed this year so far in this house was Paw Patrol so credit to him.

In the evening we booted up RetroArch on the Nvidia Shield, loaded a copy of Super Mario All Stars and World for the SNES, and started to explore it together.

Really cool to chat about it with him, I never had a Nintendo until the Game Boy, Super Mario World is really the extent of my exposure… except for Super Mario Party later on the N64!

He played through a set of lives, then as usual passed the pad to me, but this was a wonderful first session to remember & cherish :p

Update: we’re back to Paw Patrol again, I’m to try and tempt him away to Sonic or Mario after this game!