ghost of tsushima


2020 has been a crazy year, and we’re only just over 6 months through this ride!
Excited to see what the rest of the year brings with NZ, US elections and referendums… & Cyberpunk 2077; did I let slip how much I’m looking forward to it? 🙂

To tide me over until then I’ve another AAA title that I tried not to build up prior to launch, but I’m now loving it!

I’ve been playing Ghost of Tsushima since launch, it’s such a nice break from the punishment of Sekiro, and I’m not embarrassing myself through lack of twitch reflexes.

Recently started Chapter 2, and I’ve travelled back to the first island to clear all of the farms! It’s simply a nice place to chill and play these, what feel like, little battle minigames. If I was a more serious gamer I might up the difficulty; but that could diminish the fun rather quickly. I didn’t spend hours upgrading my skills to then have all of Jin’s stats nerfed 😉

I must beware of getting too lost on the side quests and losing focus of the story… this was my personal curse of Witcher. Ghost of Tsushima has an estimated completion time of 40 hours though, so I should get through it.

Already unlocked most of the moves, really enjoying the fights, map, story & style, let’s see how it progresses 🙂

Reminds me of a past thought I had about games with bows