Back in the Black on the next gen


My gaming rig is pretty much defunct, I’ve given up hope of pipmping it out this time & have finally made the move to play Elite Dangerous on Playstation :o)
Tempted by the PS5 SSD and the launch of Odyssey… plus I really enjoyed having a game that I could play while watching movies.

So here I am, fresh in the black, flying around in a Sidewinder!

I’ve opted to copy across my credits from the PC game… might as well as I’m not using them. Cool as I’ll get to buy new ships, but I’ve then 200 hours of grinding to make up for. I won’t have to rely on the space shipping as much, so will have to find a new hobby to do within the space time phenomena 🙂

Lost my double Elite status too… & all of the systems that I found 🙁

Sure I’ll be posting heaps on this for time to come, now looking forward to the console release of Odyssey