Alive in the water



On a chilled Sunday afternoon, who needs more than this!
Mindless violence, punctuated frequently with humorous quips, while making simple decisions of light / heavy / ranged / teleport.

Welcome to Deadpool.

It’s easy to work through, challenging in that you’ve gotta get the solution right without needing to googling it, but most of all, it’s fun!

Plus I haven’t played a more comic book style game since XIII

Gaming mechanisms are stolen direct from Ninja Gaiden; in terms of wall jumping and katana slashes. Then made more convenient, in that you haven’t to find Muramasa‘s store to upgrade.

I’m quite keen on the ranged combat method, zoom when applicable as you have time at range, while easy to quickfire between handheld combos.

The graphics are lush and fluid, the humour not far beyond the school playground, but the scripts does induce frequent smirks.

If you like comics, tongue in cheek games, give Deadpool a try.

Worded differently; did you enjoy Batman Arkham City? Bayonetta?
If yes to both, or either, I think you may like this. The combat isn’t as complex, or chic, but it’s fun, and why else are we playing games? ­čÖé
[Rating: 3.5]

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