end of June gaming


I’ve now played a couple of hours of The Last of US, hoping it will be a game I’ll play to completion. I am only early in to the story though, just finding my fist Clacker corpse, and **SPOLIER ALERT** why didn’t I read anywhere that Sarah dies! 😉

I finally picked up Hawx-2 last weekend. If there is one genre I feel as not received the quality and quantity deserved, it’s flight sims. My favourite game in the early days of the xbox was Crimson Skies: High road to Revenge, and I’ve searching for a flying game to take its place for many years, with next to no success. So as a Tom Clancy fan, both games and books, sometimes films, I was happy to give this a try. I’ve not put in heaps of time, but I’ve been having fun, thinking a game to go back to when the need calls… I could make need for speed Top Gun references, but that will only shame me 🙂
[Rating: 2.5]

 Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions
Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions was loaded up last week. I’ve enjoyed the open World adventures in the past, so this linear story was difficult for me to accept… at first. A couple of levels in and I’m smirking at the one liners, and picking up the nuances of the controls. The alternate dimensions are a nice touch, although steam-punk World seems a little forced. I hope I find/make time to work my way through the story.
[Rating: 3]

Ninja Gaiden 3
Then we have Ninja Gaiden 3,
The original on the xbox was amazing, everything else has been something of a remake, until now, although this may not necessarily be a good thing. I loved the button combo techniques of the original, and the difficulty challenge, this version seems somewhat more mainstream in terms of difficulty and controls. The plot is very comic book, and Hayabusa doesn’t quite seem as mysterious. Then the voice acting is poor, dis-attached, with a cyber arch enemy who speaks like Guy Fawkes in V for Vendetta. If I want to play a slashing beat’em up I will be loading Metal Gear Rising
[Rating: 2]

Yazuka 3
From what I’ve read, I’m sure it’s a good game… I just couldn’t get past the 8 bit duh duh duh teleprompt text.
A game I may go back to one day, as I’m intrigued by the combat style… until then?

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger
Last week, before KSP started taking up my time, I was making my way through Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, my first fps played by mouse, on the PC (I need to justify this gaming rig :)). It failed to hold my attention for longer than one level per session, but I enjoyed the bullet time, weapon variations, and the narrative sold the game. Without the story telling mechanism this would be just another, all be it fluid and easy on the eyes, first person shooter.
[Rating: 3]

Today’s new release for me is Deadpool, a character I know little of except he was in Marvel vs Capcom, and shares Spidey’s love of one line quips. I’m off to be humoured, and if that fails I always have zombies to spike or space to explore!