What did xbox live give me free


Back in the first age of xbox, long before 360, I was promised benefit from a payment subscription to an on-line service.

~10 years on, after the great introduction with Rainbow Six, Crimsen Skies, Project Gotham Racing, what have they given me for my money?

Sweet fuck all!

For me the early xbox days were wonderful, the community was friendly, players were stoked for the opportunity to play console games online. And it went through a bit of a renaissance in the early days of the 360. But now games are full of screaming (pre)teens, no strategy or conversation, added with lag.

And why now should I sign up to their new hardware and yearly subscription?
Just so I can purchase the latest games to play on-line?

I think that their model is outdated, and they can kiss my arse.

I’m upset with the concept that some games, i.e. CoD are released again each year, rather than updates applied.
I understand that if I was the marketing exec, greedy on income, this would be the outcome too, but it doesn’t make it easier to swallow.

Then there is the DLC in the form of weapons, costumes and map-packs, that milks more money from players.

I’m hoping that this time, in the next gen competition, that there will be more than the 2 players in the arena, and that Gabe / Steam may be our new saviour?

As shown in the last few months, Steam are moving into the Ubuntu environment, is a SteamBox on the horizon?
Time will tell, and I’ve enough toys to holdout to see if Gabe will offer a solution in the next year or so… and I don’t think I’m alone.

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