Ultra Street Fighter IV


Who is she?
So with the news of the recent launch of Ultra Street Fighter IV, I have found a token that grants 48 hours of Gold membership to xbox live, I’ve had a few fights to test my connection and setup (7 wins from 8, my Blanka still kicks arse ­čÖé ), and the Ultra update is currently downloading.

So to fill in the time, and to get my game up to speed, I have been reading the very useful and detailed new Ultra Street Fighter IV Wiki at Shoryuken

Very much looking forward to this game; new balance changes, 5 new characters, and 6 new stages! w00t

Wonder how long it will take for me to get frustrated with my poor internet speeds?

Super Street Fighter IV is not be free on XBOX Live from the 16th June, hope my game skills are practised enough for the new influx of players that will arrive.

A day in and I’m in love with the game as much as ever.
The new characters are cool, but what as impressed me more is the lag free games, and the spirit of the community; people who fight for the love of the game!

Rolento’s Mekong Delta Attack is totes overpowered!
It’s far too easy to execute, for the chaos and damage it inflicts… I’m loving it ­čÖé

Executed by pressing all three punches, Rolento performs a simple backflip, much like one of Vega’s. If punch is pressed while Rolento is about to finish the backflip, he will tuck into a ball and roll forward, being not different of a ground-travelling version of Blanka’s Rolling Attack. How far he rolls is determined by the punch button pressed. If he rolls into the opponent, he will hit them and rebound a small distance. In Ultra Street Fighter IV, the followup roll has armor breaking properties.

The EX Special version introduced in Street Fighter X Tekken is executed by pressing two punch buttons right before the backflip ends. In it, the followup roll travels much faster, grants Super Armor, and hits up to four times, dealing more than double the damage.

The rebound occurs even if the hit is blocked, making the attack somewhat safe on block. However, because the backflip may alert the opponent to the possibility of the attack, Rolento is often likely to be hit out of the roll.

A recommended tactic is to mostly use the backflip for escape only, and to only use the forward roll when opportunities present themselves, such as when the opponent throws a projectile while Rolento is backflipping[1].

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