Twitter account suspended due to DMCA notice


So @Twitter had given me an update, the issue is someone is trying to hack my Twitter / Blog / Gmail accounts; so my email wasn’t updating on my handset???

Now have access to email and can see that twitter have suspended @GamerGeekNews for ‘multiple copyright infringement notifications’, for tweeting links to TechRadar pages that I never had any interest in 🙁

I’ve removed TechRadar from my feed, & apologised to the people who raised the DMCA notice. Hopefully they will redact it, & / or Twitter will un-suspend my account that includes

  • heaps of online acquaintances
  • 8 year old account
  • Influencer for:
    • Tableau
    • Power BI
    • Data Science
    • Machine Learning
    • Big Data
  • & shares a name with my blog!

The irony is that I’ve set up another account @DataAugmented that includes the same scripts as @GamerGeekNews… although I’ve trimmed out sites that we’re all about promotions (TechRadar being one of them); the irony being that these gained the highest volume of clicks from followers.

Fingers crossed it will be released, and the lesson of this story is be mindful of DMCA notices :p