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I requested a post from, my then, pre-teen nephew, about what games he was playing and what he enjoyed, here’s his eloquent reasoned response 🙂

Me and my friends have recently been noticing the change in gaming graphics, and I decided to collect my favourite retro games.

5. X-Com – OK there is not a great fan base for this game and it did die out quick but this game is really strategic!

4. DOOM – Do I have to talk about how good this game is. Its duke nukem but good.

3. Mario – I’m more of a sonic fan but eating magic mushrooms is fun…right?

2. Sonic – Whether you like green hill or chemical plant sonic is great. If only there was more than 1 good sonic game since 2000

1. Jet Set Radio Future – I love running around with a iPod in my hand while shooting cops with spray-paint!

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  1. x-com & Doom (together with a F1 driving simulator) were the coolest games available, back in ’94 on DS66. I remember doubling the ram to 8 meg, for about 100 quid, convinced I’d never need more!

    I preferred the xcom sequal, terror from the deep, but it was just the same plot, just better weapons et al.
    The only Mario platform game I’ve played through was on the original gameboy, which leads me to ask; what about tetris?

    & JSRF is the sequial to the real classic Jet set radio, while been cool, I don’t think it deserves the number one title… Street Fighter 2 for me

  2. Yes while this is all subject to debate note this is MY personal favorites

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