The Manual: how to Have a Number One the Easy Way


Tha Manual
I was having a trip down memory lane, listening to some old songs that occupied the airwaves, when I was back at school.

After a bit of S’Express and Technotronic, I came across this timeless classic by the JAMS aka KLF

Then that reminded me of the book they wrote:

The Manual: (how to Have a Number One the Easy Way)

This unparalleled expose of the pop-music scene is the unexpurgated reissue of a rare, long-out-of-print book on how to make it to the top of the official UK charts.First published in 1988, the book explains in minute detail all the steps needed to guarantee success. Along with much iconoclastic advice, the authors also provide practical tips on the mechanics of financing, producing, and promoting a pop hit

Chumbawamba apparently followed the mission to write Tubthumping and get it to number one in the UK single charts.

The book is now long out of print, but is still available on Amazon, a new copy will cost you over a thousand sterling… so if you’re interested in reading it, here’s a copy I found online ­čÖé

And as K Foundation once burned a Million Quid, I don’t really feel bad about reading a digital copy