spoiled for choice with choice titles


After finally completing Bioshock Infinite (wow the plot explanation of the ending!), I’ve been spoiled for choice, here’s an update of new games (for me) I’ve been playing, all on the PS3.

Injustice: Gods Among Us
Nice Mortal komat based engine, with DC heros and villans.
Love the balance between simple and advanced… easy to exeute the moves, a challenge to string a combo together.
Best story in a fighting game yet, take note Capcom.
Heaps of characters, with a range of skills and strengths, very true to the comic book characters background.


A novel individual title, I wish more games had the originality.
Cell shaded cut scenes, sheep, dreams, pregnancy scares and succubus.
The story is certainly compelling and intriguing, an amazing plot device to explain the nature of the game… which is pushing blocks. A true challenge on the easy difficulty, and I’ve still had to resort to video guides, otherwise after ~9 hours, this would have been left on a shelf.
Thaks to the catherinethegame.wikia

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
Epic installation time, liked the cigarette smoking though, Snake is the epitome of cool.
Cut scenes, bit of sneaking, 2 hours in??? It’s just taking too long to play, maybe come back to it one day when I’ve installed an SSD

Darkness 2
Loved the first one, like how the story universe has developed.
More of a shoot-em-up than I remember, but another one that’s cell shaded, so pushes my buttons 🙂

I would recommend each one of them, certainly distinctly different games, although I’ve only completed the Injustice and Catherine stories, back to the Darkness I think 🙂