PS5 launched


And I was so stoked to pick up a PS5 on launch day, all down to a favour from a friend, as I’d not considered acquiring one until 2 days before 🙂

First impressions of PS5
* it’s huge, like PC size
* it’s glaring white, and has what seems like a fragile flexy covering
* it’s fast, at eveything
* it’s quiet, I’ve been use to the PS4 fan making heaps of noise

Initially I didn’t have any PS5 games, but what I do have is heaps of PS4 games that have been upgraded to take advantage of the latest hardware… & because of PS Plus I have access to two score ‘PlayStation Hits’ titles… many of these I own already, but I then have the treat of seeing them at higher frame-rate and / or better graphics!

Loving God of War (I can now see why people raved about this & considered it for GotY) & Days Gone.
More on those another time.

Astro’s Playroom is a fun platform game, that does a fabulous job showing off the PS5 components and what the new JoyPad can do… man I remember picking up the DualShock to play Collin McCrae Rally back in the late 90’s!

My 5 year old son is loving Bugsnax, and I’m now deep into Demon’s Souls 🙂

All for now, I’ve a dragon to drop; I’ll tell this story later!