PS3 Destiny


Destiny box art

Finally had the chance to pick up Destiny, and went for the PS3 option.

This was solely driven by the next gen console I’m more likely to pick up will be a Sony

I’m going through the modern age frustration of transferring game content, installing, downloading updates, launch patches, and a compatibility pack.

I had to burn my GTAV installation, to free up space. Hopefully not something I’ll regret, as I prefer the xbox version.

Looking forward to seeing what Bungie have been able to create on this cross platform release!

So while the installation is working, time to pick my first Destiny Class 🙂

I’ve chosen the sniper Hunter class for starters, as I always liked the gameplay of playing from a distance. This looks to be a workable option with the first open maps, although I’m conscious that a tank Titan might be better for single player games

First impressions

  • the audio is immersive, the use of shadows is great to get an handle on enemy location
  • graphically very reminiscent of the Halo universe, including the radar and health bars, and the AI guide
  • plot reminds me of Peter Hamilton’s Void, with a mix of Ian M Bank’s Culture
  • controls are FPS generic
  • the AI also has the Bungie signature from Halo; the enemies don’t run in, but take cover when sighted
  • levelling up perks, as in Call of Duty, except live in game, rather than after each battle
  • limiting sniper bullets stops the class been over powered
  • the in game graphics seem a little unpolished, guess the next gen options shine 🙂