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Sony Demonstrates PlayStation Now Streaming Game Service, Coming To Phones And Tablets Eventually Android Police

This could be interesting 🙂

Sony is a huge electronics and media company, so of course they aren't limiting their CES presence to phones. But there's one item that should be of interest to Android gamers: PlayStation Now. This newly-announced service will stream PlayStation games over the Internet to compatible hardware, and includes more than just PlayStation consoles. Sony explicitly announced support for the PS3, PS4, PS Vita, and certain Bravia televisions at CES, but the presentation and press materials say that support for phones and tablets will come eventually.

PlayStation Now is essentially the same as OnLive, except that it streams PlayStation console games instead of PC games. That's more significant than it sounds: this makes Sony the first of the big three console companies to completely disconnect the games it promotes from both physical media and conventional hardware. While streaming games from remote servers to the PS3 or PS4 has obvious applications, all you need to play on a compatible Bravia television is a PlayStation controller. This enables devices that wouldn't normally be capable of high-end console graphics access to PS3 and PS4 games, plus (potentially) a much larger catalog of older titles. Initial hands-on from the show floor show impressive performance, though there can be noticeable visual artifacts typical of streaming video.