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  1. Very useful blog: http://tplinkmr3020.blogspot.co.nz/

    tp-link mr3020 | wireless n router | openwrt | firmware | install luci | reset | access point

    this is my documentation about how to setting portable wireless router tp-link mr3020 for access wifi and change firmware to linux openwrt which provides many advanced functionality advantage.

  2. Recover you possible brick via Failsafe mode

    Connect the MR3020 to your computer via Ethernet.
    Set up your of the computer to (This step differs from OS to Os of your computer.)
    Start to ping (this is the failsave IP) infinitive
    Power the MR3020 on and when the WPS Button starts to blink , push it (it will blink faster)
    You see the ping getting response
    run mount_root
    Now you can edit files

  3. Throughout the summer I’ve been taking my PirateBox around with me.

    A rechargable battery, stashed in my solar backpack, has been very useful 🙂

    The best use of it to date has been asking people at events to post photos they’ve taken; some cool shots at a stag party, and upset my SO wouldn’t allow me to take it to the wedding 😉

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