Outernet WiFi for the World from Outer Space


Outernet WiFi for the World from Outer Space

I am really intrigued by this project, after recently looking into mesh networks.
Looking forward to June, and hoe they can launch the service without a glitch.

There are more WiFi devices in the world than people, yet only 60% of the global population has access to the wealth of knowledge found on the Internet. The price of smartphones and tablets is dropping year after year, but the price of data in many parts of the world continues to be unaffordable for the majority of global citizens. In some places, such as rural areas and remote regions, cell towers and Internet cables simply don't exist. The primary objective of the Outernet is to bridge this global information divide.

Outernet connects everyone around the globe.

Broadcasting data allows citizens to reduce their reliance on costly Internet data plans in places where monthly fees are too expensive for average citizens. Offering continuously updated web content also bypasses censorship of the Internet in countries that restrict access to independent media. Additionally, Outernet will offer a humanitarian notification system during emergencies and two-way Internet-access for a small set of users. The latter feature will be reserved for individuals and organizations that are unable to access conventional communication networks due to natural disasters or man-made restrictions to the free-flow of information.

Access to knowledge and information is a human right and Outernet will guarantee this right by taking a practical approach to information delivery. By directly transmitting digital content to WiFI, the most common type of radio in the world, a basic level of news, information, education, and entertainment will be available to all of humanity.

Although Outernet's near-term goal is to provide the entire world with broadcast data, the long-term vision includes the addition of two-way Internet access for everyone. For free.