Make the most adorable little WiFi router


So between learning my way around an acoustic guitar and trying to finish the main story of withcer 3 before Metal Gear Solid 5 arrives, I’ve been trying to set up my Raspberry Pi as a VPN router… again 🙂

Here’re a few of the links that have helped my journey

To run the initial config at any time:
[code]sudo raspi-config[/code]

Raspberry Pi – Static IP address Essential, so I can work from a single screen… and use the other for guitar tutorials and Netflix 🙂

Setting up a Raspberry Pi as a WiFi access point aka Make the most adorable little WiFi router

This is useful if you don’t use linux dailyLinux Useful Command Reference Guide

I now have the router working 🙂
I can connect the Rasp-Pi to a VPN 🙂
But for some reason connecting a device to the router doesn’t then access the VPN 🙁

You can guess how my weekend is going to pan out