Lost with Lara



if you like video games, you will enjoy this.

As a long time avid gamer it seems crazy that I’ve never played a Tomb Raider title before. I understand the premise, think I may have even watched a film, not that it was memorable.

But in a way I’m quite happy to have left it until now, this Square Enix version of Tomb Raider is as close to a film as any game I’ve played. The gameplay flows easily between the jumps, bow shots, crate openings and interactive scenes.

It’s easy on the eyes, the character movements are fluid, the plot intriguing, with the greatest in game line:
“Don’t do this to me you northern bastard” 🙂

The camp fire save points are a really nice seamless touch. Approaching them and checking to upgrade your skills or weapons, saves the game without entering into a timely menu, with really nice environment related graphics.

The switch between FMV and gameplay is also seamless, this is the dream of what I’ve hoped games to be from childhood. Kind of like what Dragons Lair aspired to be, but with full 360 controls and a range of actions and weapons.

I don’t remember having has much fun with a bow since Turok on the N64.

I can’t see Far Cry 3 getting much play time before this game is completed.

I’m only a couple of hours or so in, but am eager to play more. The weather forecast for the weekend is wet, I think I can see how I’ll be spending it 🙂

87% on Metacritic, let’s see how it goes

Day 3 play time – How many planes are on this island, I seem to have stumbles across the wreckage of so many!
I can probably guess why though due to the storms I’ve seen in action.

I’m loving the story, the puzzles and fights are at a well balanced difficulty level, and I’m particulary enjoying the sliding sections as a break from jumping and swinging off of scenery.

There are some really nice vistas, but my favourite visuals yet are when miss Croft gets skewered.

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  1. I’ve just come back to Tomb Raider, with the reasoning that I should complete more of the games I begin. What has impressed me more is the fluency of Lara’s movement, and the epic scale of the levels, I’m currently in the Shanty Town, after just solving the tomb.
    Back to it, think I will complete this game, it’s not that arduous 🙂

  2. I believe I’m close to the end, it’s been an emotional journey!
    Just wanted to note the cavern crawl spaces, I’ve realised this is where the next environment is loading, so it’s presented seamlessly. Nice touch, done well.

  3. Wow, so lots of Temple of Doom, a femme version of Mission Impossible Tom Cruise with the climbing, and the signature duel 9 mm’s of John Woo.
    As stated elsewhere, if you like video games, you will enjoy this. 😉

    & I finished the game with 74% complete, quite stoked with that, not too much commitment, but involved enough to show I was interested

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