Lessons in life by PaRappa the Rapper


I gotta believe
Life lessons from Parappa the Rapper

Now you just thought this was a simple beat game?

Ask anyone who has played any of the titles in the series and they will tell you it is anything but simple.

But what a lot of players may overlook are the ideals and life lessons within the simple graphics.

Here are the ones I took away:

  • It’s all in the mind
    • Chop Chop Master Onion’s wise words of support, at the begining of the first level of Um Lammer Jammy
  • You gotta believe
    • PaRappa first comes to this realisation at the start of the first game, and it is his mantra throughout the title
  • All you ever need is to be nice and friendly
    • Prince Fleaswallow’s sage advice

I’m sure there are other hidden gems in there, and if unsure freestyle!

Videos below the break

It’s all in the mind

You gotta believe

All you ever need is to be nice & friendly

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