June 17 games to eat up my time


I’m not finding much time to game or write about it, my new hobby is parenthood :), still 3 new PS4 games to occupy my scarce gaming time

Tekken 7 [81% Metacritic], and found it pretty much same same, nothing novel excpet for Akuma.
Crazy that I get to play more Shoryuken with Tekken loaded than Street Fighter V’s shit net code.

Wipeout Omega Collection [85% Metacritic] to get nostalgic about, great to pick up when I have a quick minute.

FIFA 17 [85% Metacritic] to take Barnsley to the Premiership & EUAFA Champions… and get some practice in to build my skillset to beat my teenage neighbours

Although the launch of Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City DLC I’ve been tempted back to the Firelink Shrine.
This weekend I managed to finally get through the Irithyll Dungeon, I was stuck on the Gargoyle before the bonfire, and didn’t have the knack to speed run down to it.

While exploring the Profaned Capital I made it to Yhorm the Giant. I embered up but no-one would join me for the fight, so I attempted it solo.
As usual with facing Dark Souls bosses for the first time, I go my arse handed to me, but I did manage to pick up the Storm Ruler for the next time I face him 🙂