July 19 sojourn



I’ve been back to Blighty for July to see whānau, except for catching up with old friends for a gamer night my only digital fix has been DOTA Underlords.

Then to postpone my gaming and gym training even more I injured my right trigger finger Monday Tuesday πŸ™

Geek highlight of my trip was picking up a few old toys:

  • Sony MiniDisk player
  • original GameBoy (couldn’t find my GB Advance)
  • Spectrum ZX81

I’ve tried the Spectrum out; it looks to start OK, but I haven’t yet managed to tune in a channel fully… although I can see the prompt through the static at the bottom of the screen.

My project is to copy games to a MiniDisk to load from, let’s see how that goes πŸ™‚

Another highlight of the trip is that my sons Grandfather’s introduced him to Star Wars. It has been awesome teaching him the ways of the force, enjoying Clone Wars with him today πŸ™‚


Note: Account suspended, links no longer work πŸ™

And my twitter feed is now hitting 5.6 million impressions in 28 days; not sure what the ~900k spike was πŸ™‚
5.6 million twitter impressions