Independent Gaming Blogs


After setting up CloudFlare to protect this digital home, and bailing from Twitter when it was bought by Musk, the SEO of this site have dropped to next to zero.

This led me to consider all of the other sites out there, that no longer appear on the first couple of pages of search results … so I decided to compile a list!

The Sixth AxisCommunity-driven blog focused on PlayStation news, reviews, and discussions.
The IndieShowcasing indie games and developers, often featuring blogs and articles from independent writers.
Xbox TavernDedicated Xbox blog with news, reviews, and opinion pieces on all things Xbox.
GameSpewUK-based blog with news, reviews, and features on various games and gaming
Indie HavenPlatform dedicated to indie game discovery, often featuring reviews and interviews with
independent developers.
Cubed3Website focused on Nintendo games, offering news, reviews,
and features.
Goomba Stomp
Goomba Stomp Mario fansite with news,
reviews, and features on all things Mario-related.
FuwanovelVisual novel database and community with news, reviews, and discussions on visual
VGChartz (News Section)
Primarily a sales tracking
website, but also has a news section with updates on the gaming industry.
GameSkinnyCommunity-driven website with game reviews, news, and
opinion pieces from various contributors.
GameCriticsWebsite with reviews and features on various games, focusing on providing in-depth
GamingOnLinuxBlog dedicated to gaming on Linux platforms, with news,
reviews, and features on Linux games and hardware.
Obscure GamersBlog that celebrates obscure and forgotten games, offering
reviews, retrospectives, and historical insights.
Indie Games PlusWebsite dedicated to indie games, with reviews, news, and
interviews with indie
IndieGamesAnother platform showcasing indie games, with reviews, previews, and features on the
latest indie releases.
Alpha Beta GamerBlog covering various gaming topics, including news, reviews, previews, and opinion pieces.
The Punished BacklogBlog tackling backlogs, with reviews and discussions on older games and lesser-known
Adventure GamersBlog dedicated to adventure games, with news, reviews, previews, and features on the
GamezeboWebsite covering a wide range of casual and mobile games, with reviews, news, and guides.
Hardcore GamerBlog catering to hardcore gamers, with reviews, previews, and features on challenging and niche games.
TheggBlog focusing on esports and competitive gaming, with news, analysis, and opinion pieces.
MMOPRGWebsite dedicated to massively multiplayer online role-playing games, with news, reviews, and guides.
Massively OverpoweredAnother MMORPG-focused blog with news, previews, reviews, and editorials on the genre.
Cane and RinseBlog with in-depth video game reviews and critical analysis.
505 GamesBlog featuring news and behind-the-scenes insights on their games and developers.
8BitDigiBlog focused on retro gaming, with reviews, features, and retrospectives on classic games and consoles.
Bonus StagePodcast and blog network with various shows and articles covering different aspects of gaming culture.
Game DeveloperWhile primarily a resource for game developers, they also offer articles and insights on the game industry and design.
CliqistBlog focused on crowdfunding and indie games, offering news, reviews, and interviews with developers.
GameDiscoverCoNewsletter and blog with insights and analysis on the indie game market and discovery.
The Game FanaticsBlog with reviews, news, and features covering a wide range of gaming topics.
The Average GamerBlog with honest and down-to-earth reviews of various games across different platforms.
In Third PersonBlog focusing on narrative-driven games, offering reviews, analysis, and discussions on storytelling in games.
Gayming MagazineMagazine and online platform celebrating LGBTQ+ representation in games, with news, reviews, and features.
The Hidden LevelsBlog that dives into the hidden details and secrets of video games, offering a unique perspective on game design and storytelling.
ZeldapediaComprehensive encyclopedia and community dedicated to The Legend of Zelda series, with news, guides, and discussions.
The Metroid DatabasePlatform focused on the Metroid series, offering information, news, and community discussions.
The PlayStation BrahsPodcast and blog focusing on PlayStation games, with reviews, news, and discussions.
XboxEraPodcast and blog network dedicated to Xbox, with news, reviews, and discussions on all things Xbox.
SwitchWatchBlog dedicated to Nintendo Switch news, reviews, and features.
PC InvasionBlog focusing on PC gaming, with news, reviews, and features on the latest PC games and hardware.