Hubsan x4 only back lifts – solved


Hubsan x4
My Hubsan x4 has been grounded for the past few weeks, as at full throttle only the front would lift from the ground.

After shredding all of the propellers, after hairy landings on the deck, no real heavy impacts… except the one incident with the apple tree, I ordered more from Banggood.

The free delivery won me over, plus they deliver, where Amazon won’t tread 🙂

The new props arrive; I’m stoked, whip off the damaged remains of the old ones, and charge up the batteries, and pop the new ones on black at the front, red at the back.

Should be cool, right?
Yeah, nah!

The back lifts off, the engines whir, the front goes nowhere.

I switch the red and black propellers around, and still no luck 🙁
Hubsan x4 H107D
Checking the propellers that I ordered, I see I chose the Hubsan X4 H107D FPV RC Quadcopter Spare Parts Blade H107D-a06, where I needed the Hubsan H107L H107C X4 RC Quadcopter Spare Parts Blade Set, doh!

So I order a new set (+ 5 spare batteries), wait another 21 days for delivery, get excited all over again at the prospect of buzzing about the garden with my drone.

The day arrives, I fix the new slightly larger propellers, slip in the freshly charged battery, and prepare for lift off!

Shock horror, the same result, the back lifts, but not the front 🙁
Resigned to thinking the front motors must be shot, I order replacements and settle down for the wait.

Today while pondering why the motors all sounded good, I considered taking a look at the instructions, and reading the FAQ… I know, I’m a bloke, I thought I’d read everything I needed.

So after learning how to calibrate the kit, I read of how there isn’t only a front(black) and back(red) propeller, but there’s a left and right; at opposite corners!

After trying a couple of different setups, strangely the one in the destructions didn’t seem to work, I now have an airborne able Hubsan… and a large cache of spare propellers, batteries, and motors on the way 8)