Hearthfire has broken Skyrim



I’ve both Dawnguard & Hearthfire installed, I’m finishing off the vamp missions, maxing our my vamp skill tree, before I plan to turn back to lupine.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed my time as a blood sucking creature of the night, but I find the dark lord far too overpowered.

Twice in the last 24hrs I’ve been trying to fast travel & both times the game hangs on the loading screen. The background image can be moved, the text tips keep updating, but nothing loads!

I haven’t even built a shed yet!

I purged the cache on the xbox HD earlier before playing, I couldn’t bare to switch it back on last night, I may try this again before loading.

Wish me luck!

If not I hope there’s a patch coming?

Update> The game re-loaded to prior to the location jump, I haven’t tried a location leap yet as the game feels laggy. Think I now hold empathy for those that bought it on the PS3.

Update2> It’s now unplayable, freezing with only a couple of sprites on screen… do we still call them sprites? It’s now froze completely, bugger

Others are in same situ Google: skyrim hearthfire freezing guess I’ll wait for patch

UpdateFin> It works, it seems if I  stay away from quick jumping, so last session

  • manually travel
  • build a house
  • stash pillaging gains
  • go on a mission to find all of my masks
  • decide to unlock the final mask
  • die on mission for penultimate mask
  • remember I’ve finished the quests anyway

Conclusion, for whatever reason it seems now hearthfire has not broken Skyrim…¬†temporarily.

It’s now freezing more than ever!
I went back to an old save & had no problem.

A patch, a patch, my mansion house for a patch!