Happy 18th… year of the current millenium


Playing a variety of games from my back catalogue; although I’ve wanted to pick up Doom and Persona 5, I’m resisting for just now.

So what has been taking up my time…

When games are more of an experience

As Shadow of the Colossus is due out in the next week I thought I’d make a concerted effort to finish The Last Guardian

Not sure why I stopped playing… actually I do, I was stuck finding a route, with no success each time I loaded the game; this time would be different 🙂

I’m now a couple more hours in, and am again blown away by the Trico animation and scale. I had little love for the control mechanisms, but now that I’ve patience with the pace of the story, and companion beast, it’s not so irritating.

I find some of the environments vertigo inducing, the valley panoramas are impressive, and I’ve been known to sit ‘the boy’ down into a meditation state to enjoy the view while I have a cuppa.

So beyond the giant feathered mammal like quadruped (griffin?) what else I like is the Princess Bride like narrative… although in Japanese, and the platform challenges with the boy reminiscent of a evolved original Prince of Persia.

I like the vulnerability of the human lead, together with the power and fragility of the oppressed Trico. How Trico’s eyes and horns reflect his (her?) mood

Then there are the little things; blue butterflies in fluttering in the sun like something from a 90’s John Woo film, and the soaring birds dotted around the open chasms and sky.

I’m keen to read what other people think of the game, but I don’t want the experience trashed by spoilers. Although I feel a little silly having this predicament a year after release having still not finished it 🙂

The Last Guardian is totally an interactive work of art and novel more than a game, and I’m now tempted to pick up a PS4 Pro to see the game in higher res & try the virtual experience.

If there is any ‘game’ to play of the PS4, I think this is it

Capcoms cash cow

SFV Arcade… hate the in game currency, and will not give Capcom any more cash for characters; this sales model stinks! So I’ve been playing with a variety of characters to increase my stash of cash to pick up Blanka on his release.

Quite excited to have the green jungle boy back in the ring, as he was my main for years on each iteration of SFIV

My heart races before each on-line fight, such a rush… and because of this fix and endorphin rush reinforces why I won’t pay for more DLC.

killer crossover

Still finishing of tasks in FFXV, although this months play time was at the Assassins Festival… I didn’t have chance to finish the challenge there, hope the time limit hasn’t prevented this, as I missed the last festival too 🙁

Don’t call me Shirley

Completed Call of Duty Modern Warfare to justify picking up another title, but I’ve had no need! Did love the enhanced remake, brought back good memories. I’ve enjoyed going back to the on-line multiplayer, remembering terms like ‘grandmas house’ made me smile.

Quiet time

Next on my list to finish is Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain… I began playing this far too long ago.

I’ve been enjoying the side ops and sending my crew away on missions… which reminds me I must check on their progress.

Another masterpiece that doesn’t deserve to be sitting on a shelf, gathering dust, unfinished.

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  1. Finished the story; wow not what I was expecting… & in less than 15 hours 🙂

    Full of feels, off now to read what others think of it, certainly a AAA title would recommend to anyone.

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