for the first time in years I fancy a KitKat



I haven’t had my N4 or N7 for more than a year, so I can’t see myself updating devices just yet, but I am excited about the new version of the Android OS, KitKat 4.4… although it doesn’t seem too long ago since I was waiting for the 4.3; what happened to the talked about 5.0?

So what am I excited about?

10 Cool Features from zdnet

  • Unlimited home screen panels: With no ability to create folders in the application launcher, Google provides you with the ability to create as many home screen panels filled with app shortcuts, folders, and widgets as you desire.
    • Not really, I minimise my home screen components to max out efficiency
  • Support for integrated pedometer: The Nexus 5 now has sensors to support pedometer functions and KitKat enables the hardware through apps like Move. You may soon leave the Fitbit behind.
    • I have been known to map journeys and walks with MyTracks, so this function may well be used, albeit infrequently.
  • OK Google voice control: While not as sophisticated as what Motorola has in the Moto X, the Google search voice control capability lets you control your device from the home screen panels.
    • Here’s the coolest bit of the update for me. I currently use voice to dictate SMS’s, Hangout entries, and searches. OK Google may even motivate me to use Google Now.
  • Immersive mode: Reading books is now a great experience in KitKat with the ability to hide everything but the text. Application support is still limited, but we are early in the KitKat rollout.
  • Caller ID by Google: You will see Google Search being integrated in more ways and one of these is through caller ID.
    • Not sure about this… should I be afraid?
  • Quickoffice integration: Google purchased Quickoffice a couple years ago and it is now getting integrated into the OS.
    • This is what now sets Google apart from Apple, an inbuilt indigenous office environment, Boomshanka! I’ve been using Kingsoft Office for the past month and find it useful, looking forward to seeing if Quickoffice matches up. – Trying to install it now, but ‘Play’ keep throwing up an error
  • Google Wallet without carrier restrictions: Google now provides you with Google Wallet without NFC carrier restrictions so you should be able to tap and pay with a Nexus 5 on any carrier.
    • I’m not ready to trust my transactions yet to Google, but guess they’re no more complicit than my bank in tracking my spending activity.
  • Emojis in Google Keyboard
    • meh
  • Album art on lock screen: Another feature that is a nice touch is the ability to see your album art while controlling your media right from the lock screen.
    • I like my lock screen minimal, I can read the song and artist ok 🙂
  • Integrated print support
    • I print very little, and if needed I’d email the document to a print ready PC, and it’s already available via Google Play