Finally hear Google voice


I’ve been happily using Cyanogenmod, without GAPPS, on my phone for quite a few months now, and have been more than happy finding none Google alternatives.

That is until the last updates on my N7, and Google Voice looks to have appeared 🙂

I’ve been so envious of our cousins across the pond, who have had access for years, now the choice looks to be mine!

I was so excited at the prospect of using Google for my calls when it first came out, that I placed credits on my account, only to find I could only use them via my PC… and I had Skype back then for this purpose.

This was all back in the pre-Snowden days, shit it could even have been pre-wikileaks and Assange. I was happy to share my digital communication… who am I kidding, I still do now, I’m just more aware that it’s been tracked and recorded 🙁

So will I be upgrading my phones firmware?

Yeah, nah, not just yet, but great to have the option finally available.