Fantasy Football


It's in the Game
I’ve friends into fantasy football leagues, not something that I’ve played in the past, but it got me thinking that it’s all information based, and that there must be heaps of data available.

This led me on a search where I’ve found a great full updated database SQFIFA

Over the time I’ve played with Python one thing has eluded me, scraping data. So I thought this a great opportunity to give it a try 🙂

My searches returned this cool blog entry soccer-and-machine-learning-tutorial that references a very useful gitub page: fifa18-all-player-statistics

I’m currently working through refreshing the data to get an update base that I’m able to refresh.

From there I’ll dig out the Fantasy Football Rules and look to build models to pick optimum teams for maximum values, and forecast game results.

Let’s see how this progresses, I’ll update this post & create a git 🙂

I’m also working on Tensorflow so this is a great crossover of theme and data predicting-premier-league-odds-from-ea-player