Dragon’s Lair


Dragon's Lair - Princess Daphne
I have memories as a kid, crowded around an arcade machine watching older teenage kids pour 10p pieces, which then seemed the size of wagon wheels, into a Dragon’s Lair arcade machine.

People would line up their money, ready to deposit it in the slot and continue the quest, after the last players skills had failed him (never remember any girls in arcades?), or his change had been relinquished.

Remember adding weeks of pocket money to the slot, and watching hours of others play the game, but never get anywhere near completion.

So what a treat today, to play through the game to completion on an XBOX Live Arcade version.

It seemed heaps easier than what I remember from my yoof… but I don’t think the arcade version of long ago was set to easy and offered on-screen prompts 🙂

I know many gamers are not fans of twitch based action events, but anyone would surly be a philistine to not appreciate the cartoon, hand drawn beauty, that is Dragon’s Lair?

OK, the game play isn’t demanding, and levels are repeated mirrored on themselves, but it’s so easy on the eyes and fluid.

So today, as well as the first time I’ve completed the game, is the first time I’ve seen the dragon, and Princess Daphne, in game… and this was my first thought, she reminds me of the chick from Look at my Horse 🙂