Domain renewal


I’ve had this domain name for a couple of years.
I only use the space to blog and play with web technology, I am not reliant on search traffic, I make nada from it, so I fancy a change. Something that’s more me.
Available options I’m considering:

  • – who doesn’t love Yoshi?
  • – the end in nigh
  • – Blanka’s my Friday night special
  • – PunchPunchKick has gone
  • – It’s all in the mind, my favourite so far
  • – Parappa’s rule number one
  • – My Mrs likes this one
  • – Bit too similar to SRK

To sleep on it for inspiration

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  1. I’ve decided to stick with the current domain for now… I know DojoCasino would have been better, but who would have recognised the link?

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