Beyond: Two Souls


Beyond: Two Souls
As another break from GTA V I’ve started playing Beyond: Two Souls on the PS3.
I enjoyed Heavy Rain… although I never finished the story after I lost all of my saves 🙁

I love the idea that I can download an Android app (guess it’s on the other popular smart phone too 😉 and use it as a controller, although I don’t yet find it as ergonomic as the controller… and I not the biggest fan of the, what I feel is small, PS3 dual shock controller.

I’m only early in, but I like the idea of the game, and as with GTA V, it’s like I imagined games could be as a kid.

The action scenes are the closest to a movie I have ever played, even though there’s what seems to be a determined line it seems to be free choice. The character acting is first class, and the graphics amazing… yeah they could be more polished; but the game is 30 gig and fluid, with no loading between the extensive film like chapters.

Beyond: Two Souls is certainly film like, I think I will be compelled to complete it… but I say that often until I’m distracted by by next shiny new title 🙂

I think there’s a Easter Egg nod to Ellen Page‘s Trailer Park Boys days by the first coppers 420 badge number, and I like irony of how Dafoe‘s Mulder esq doctor goes by the name Dawkins 🙂

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  1. very late update, but I did complete Beyond 2 Souls and loved it, choice Stephen King esq story, and great to enjoy via this medium

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