Beat Hazard Ultra Come Home to XBLIG


I loved the original Beat Hazard, one of the first games I was shown on Steam, and the sequel has made it back to XBOX live.

I played through the demo with a crazy grin on my face, hope to review the full game in the near future, 400 Microsoft points well spent

Cold Beam Games is excited to announce that the music driven arcade shooter Beat Hazard Ultra is now available on XBLIG.

Beat Hazard Ultra adds awesome new features to the original Beat Hazard:

· Co-op and Verses online and local multiplayer
· Boss Rush and Survival modes
· 2 New bosses and 10 new enemy ships
· 24 perks to unlock and 3 devastating tactical weapons

The original Beat Hazard was first released on XBLIG about 3 years ago and marked the start of my Indie career. Since then the game has been ported to 6 other platforms, (PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and PS3).