Back to Debian


My distro cycle continues, back to Debian I go.

Installing my old SSD’s into my new box, Ubuntu wouldn’t load correctly with the display unusable… Manjaro funnily enough was OK.

After recently backing up my Home directory it motivated me to make a clean OS install. I’ve read great things of Mint over the years, claims of its usability and security, but I didn’t last one day until I switched to Debian.

Debian has been my main OS on an old T510 Thinkpad for a few years, never had issues with it, and enjoy the functionality and stability; so the decision wasn’t hard.

Good choice? I think so, it’s been an easy transition with zero complaints or issues, sure it’s going to be a long lasting relationship 🙂
Also great to have a clean install, and I can install the programs that I require when needed.