Aliens Matrix and gagster’s


I didn’t really get into Saints Row 3, although I enjoyed the previous 2 instalments… it came across as a little forced.

And for this reason I hadn’t been following prior to release, as I always consider it just another sandpit city gangsta title, to fill the gap between GTA.

Nevertheless, I’m having fun ­čÖé

The superpowers are a nice touch, as are the comic book style aliens.

The game engine comes across a little more polished, certainly the melee aspect.

I like the Matrix esq world, more so as I’m current;y re-reading William Gibson’s Neuromancer.
In fact the game is The Matrix with Gears of War style Aliens, in Saints Row stylee.

I find the sprint and jump attributed reminiscent of Crackdown, and the orb equivalents, encouraging you to explore the city, although heaps more tongue in cheek.

As with SR3, I don’t think I’ll play this to completion; but it will fill the gap between Splinter Cell missions while waiting for GTA V

Should this have been DLC for SR3?
Maybe, or it should also contain SR3 for the full retail price.

Think this could however be the Saint Row swan song.
[Rating: 3.5]

PS> Upset that I may not have access the ‘Girls Night out Mission’, due to Australian restrictions ­čÖü

For those of you in the same boat, here it is ­čÖé