5 year old game still looking good


As a big fan of Rockstar I am getting excited with the new screen shots of GTA V, and thought I’d visit Liberty City again to reminisce.

I picked up a US xbox 360, before the PAL machines were affordable, so I journeyed through NiKo’s story on a NTSC version of the game. That box red ringed a long time ago, and I didn’t want to buy another copy of the same game, so was stoked when Episodes from Liberty City was released.

I loved The Ballad of Gay Tony story, and remember the final club shoot out being quite a challenge. After completing it thought I moved on to other games.

Today I installed the disk to my latest xbox (third one!) and booted up The Lost and the Damned, and wow I forgot about how much I loved and appreciated this game and the engine… and the not so great controls when out of a vehicle.

Looking at my xbox achievements for the game they go back to the 6th May 2008, nearly 5 years to the day. The quality of the game, it could have been released yesterday… now I’m thinking of how time has flown and all of the good, and crap, games I’ve played in the mean time.

What I’ve realised after today’s extensive session is that the 5th instalment, with the 3 characters, is just the same as the GTA IV + DLC. We got to see the World and encounters from Niko, Luis, and Johnny’s perspective, thinking V will be more singular, that each experience will only be seen from one characters eyes… but we wait an see

I’ve put so many hours into this game that I feel I could find my way around New York 🙂

Wishing away the days until the release date of 17th September 2013

Edit: Just been shown my first flaccid penis in a game… in fact the only penis I can remember seeing in a game, in 30 years of gaming. I love Rockstar, but not dicks, except my own 😉