Ultra Street Fighter 4 Omega Edition


Here’s footage of the future version of Ultra Street Fighter 4, the Omega edition!

According to this post on Eventhub it’s intended more for fun, than a balanced release… and it does certainly look fun, and will be free ­čÖé

This will be released in October, together with the v1.04 update:

This blog entry also states that a new patch is heading our way in October. The v1.04 update will fix the unintentional nerfs made to Decapre, Rolento, and Cody in the previous update, and will also add a Delayed Wake Up option to training mode. Additionally, a number of PC online connectivity issue fixes are being made, such as players receiving pings mid-match, causing slowdown.

A full breakdown for the v1.04 patch will be unveiled closer to the update’s release.

This reminds me on the Hyper days of Street Fighter II, where you were never sure of the mods applied in random arcades.