Red Dead Redemption 2 Challenge Horseman 4


Red Dead Redemption 2 on the PS4 has been taking up nearly all of my game time, with brief breaks of Overwatch to qualify for season 13.

I’ve a couple of great tips to make life easier that I’ll post soon, but for now here’s a tip for a Challenge that has been alluding me.

RDR2 Challenge Horseman 4

While mounted, drag a victim for 3300 feet using your Lasso

Each time I tried this the poor recipient, hog tied or not, didn’t make it…

This was until I was sent on a mission in Chapter 4 to retrieve “McDaniels”.

I lassoed him, and not hogtied, dragged him around a shallow pond for the 3300 necessary feet. He didn’t seem to survive; but as he’s mission critical he didn’t seem to demise.

W00t, challenge achieved, on with the mission 🙂