PS3 fan clean function


PS3 fan clean function
This was news to me, after owning my PlayStation for serveral years, today I found out there is a PS3 fan clean function 🙂

1. Make sure your PS3 is plugged in and functioning normally – You need to power up the unit to make this work, so return it to its normal home or bring the plug over to your cleaning space.

2. Make sure the power switch on the PS3 is off – The unit needs to be fully powered down, not just in standby.

3. Turn on the power switch while holding down the Eject button – The system should fire up and you should hear all the system fans come on at once.

4. Wait for the system to return to “Standby” mode – If you did this correctly the unit will blow out all the fans for about 10 seconds before going into standby mode. It helps if you have a vacuum cleaner hose running nearby to suck up any dust that is expelled from the PS3 to avoid it being circulated back in the machine. Do not use a vacuum cleaner on your PS3 directly.