Now one of the Elite


After nearly 5 weeks of playing Elite Dangerous, over the course of over 3 years, CMDR BadKitty has finally made it to Elite status ­čÖé
During this time I had an epiphany that the game was such a time sink that I picked up playing guitar, and we had Player 3 join our family; that has curbed my play time quite a bit, no loss to the joy he brings into my life ­čÖé

After receiving the Explorer rank, finished off by running VIP passenger missions from Robigo to Sothis, I visited Shinrarta_Dezhra, Founders World, and picked up my first of the Big 3 ships, an Anaconda… solely for the reason of seeing how far a jump range I could get out of it fully engineered; currently I’m sitting at ~65ly, it makes the galaxy seem a smaller place ­čÖé

My next plan is to build up my materials and max engineer each of my ships before joining the narrative, time allowing.

Fly safe Commanders o7