MGSV How do I get off this horse?


First impressions of MGSV How do I get off this horse? ­čÖé

I made the school boy error of picking up a weapon with no ammo before entering the last part of the intro, so regrettably I had to play through again… although I then scored an A, which was nice.

I’m now out in the wilds of Afghanistan, which is visually stunning, although I’m not sure how to get off the bloody horse.

So thanks to for this guide to the buttons for the PS4, and PC… it’s triangle ­čÖé

Also found this list from the same author useful: MGSV: The Phantom Pain Tips & Tricks

Be careful out there!

First impressions is the beauty, scale, and surrealism that can only come from Japan; reminiscent in strangeness of past Resident Evil and Final Fantasy titles.

I look forward to getting into the game more