it’s football not soccer


… that’s why the authoritative body is named FIFA [Fédération Internationale de Football Association]

I haven’t played a footy game in years, think Konami‘s PES 4 was the last one that held my attention, mainly due to the league we had at lunchtime on an XBOX 🙂
Green Street Hooligans
Green Street Hooligans, was recommenced to me a while ago. A cool story of the two big London Firms, West Ham and Millwall, from the eyes of Harry Potter.

Strangely, rather than be attracted to a fighting game, after watching nearly 2 hours of mindless brutish violence, I fancied a kick about. 1/2 an hour later FIFA 13 is installing on my PS3. All I wanted was a quick game of football, but the menu seemed to offer every option in the World, except ‘Start Game’.

After tinkering through many options I finally got a game started; I went for a Spanish cup, just so I could pick Messi 🙂
By half time, Barca were a goal down to some Spanish team I’d never heard of, & I managed to pull back a goal before full time… not much fun.

This then reminded me of why I stopped playing football games, they’re boring as fuck [first random search returned!]

90 minutes can pass + extra time, without a goal!

The simple concept of Sensible Soccer has long past. Now the combinations on the joy pad are far more complex than any other game I can think of, and they’re not always intuitive, plus a sliding tackle beats everything 🙂

I’ve figured out how to change the game settings, meaning my players now move a bit quicker, and their ball skills have improved noticeably. The pleasure this gives me, is that I can now play as my life long team Barnsley FC, not only winning games, but smashing the opposition… but this too gets boring after a while.

The game is after all limited to strict rules and playing space, so once you’ve figured out a tactic or two that work in scoring goals, it’s hard to play different… you wanna win don’t yeah?

And so I’ve remembered why I don’t play football games, come to think of it, any sports games, digitally… except skate boarding, but that’s not in the Olympics yet so doesn’t count 🙂

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