Is what is on a purchased disc your own?


So I’m asking myself this question: Is what is on a purchased disc your own?

I recently booted up Street Fighter x Tekken, while working through my fighting games, and promptly remembered that half the characters are missing.

Don’t get me wrong, they’re there on the roster… just not playable!

Usually this is a eh oh moment… but in this instant I couldn’t play Blanka!
WTF is a Street Fighter title without Blanka… except the movie? ­čśë

So reading up around the subject, I find that the characters and content are actually on the disc, whcih I paid more than $100 NZD for at launch, although not selectable to play!

You have to shell out more coin, to play selected characters!

I remember this pissing me off at the time.

Now I’m left with a condundrum; as I’ve paid for the disc, these chartacters are on the disc, are they my own to unlock?

Personally I think that they are, and if I never take the unlocked characters online, who cares?

So with the application of google-fu, and logging into Win7 brrrr, I mange to unlock the content, for my own personal use ­čÖé

I love the game!
The cartoon feel stands it apart from USFiv, together with the traditional 6 button layout of Street Fighter, not numbed down as Marvel vs Capcom.

I’m never going to play this game online, mostly due to the greed of Capcom, and there’s no-one online to play ­čÖé