Ingress Portal Attack Simulator


It does what it says on the tin ­čÖé

Wanna fantasise about taking down a local level 7 portal?
This wonderful page, allows you to quantify the dream and help make it a reality.

Plug in the resonator stats of a given portal, either individually, or using pre configured options, which are based on level maximums, or max levels across all resonators. i.e. 1 player level 6, all resos level6
These are pretty cool, as they give n00bs like me a sense of the development pace.

The portal can then be decayed a couple of days, and the location of the resonators can be tweaked.

Now come the fun bit, choosing your burster level, clicking on the heat map and predict damage, and click away.

you situate your blast radius circle over the resonator target and hit them where it hurts. Damage is shown for each blast, and a total count of how many you needed to destroy all, and claim the portal for yourself.

And to top this off, today made level 3 and I created my own control fields!
2 with one click, 129 + 123 MU’s (313 + 1250 + 1250 AP’s!)