Grand Turismo 6 – Return of the Escudo

January 16, 2014

Escudo Pikes Peak Special
OK, to be honest I haven’t really played a Grand Turismo title since ’99, GT2.

I had an imported Japanese copy before the millenium, and I put in so many hours.

My favourite car back then,probably like many other gamers, was the Escudo Pikes Peak Special, and I’m so stoked to see it back in all its ~1000 hp glory in GT6.

The handling is as I remember; drop the gears approaching a corner,lift one gear if skidding out, drop to hug into a corner… shit I feel 14 years younger, and my partner back then thought I was too old for games 🙂

Did I mention that this car was the reason I purchased a Suzuki Escudo? I loved that car, it was so much fun to drive.

Back to it, races to win, cars to unlock!

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