Fedora 20


Fedora 20
Fedora 20 released at the start of this month, so I thought I’d give it a try via Virtual Box, and I liked it.

I’m a fan of Gnome, so the GUI was a pleasure to use, although I now know Xfce can be used, and I’ve warmed to it over the last few months.

Issues were Virtual Box related and not Fedora, e.g as always getting a wide-screen view, and the default user wasn’t in the subdoer file (su -c "usermod -g wheel username")yum install … but I play with Linux as I like to tinker 🙂

It’s too early for me to give a fair comparison, but I’ll keep Fedora as my current VB distro for a while and see how it goes.

The main thing I need to shift my thinking on is the use of Yum over apt-get… bonus so far it’s less key strokes 🙂
But if you do absolutely positively need apt-get, here’s a guide from DesktopLinuxReviews.com

And yumex over Synaptic: yum install yumex.noarch

And as always on a new Virtual Box distro setup, I installed Tor 🙂

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