Enter the octagon


Finally manged to removed the screws on the back of my Madcatz FightStickPro, and install the octagonal plate 🙂


I’ve had a quick play through with Ibuki, and I’m very impressed!

Since learning stick I’ve had trouble Ibuki’s Kunai, so never able to pull off her vortex 🙁

This now isn’t an issue, and all half and quarter circle moves were pulled off on the first attempt 🙂

Looking forward to spending time playing more Shoryuken characters, certainly Gouken, plus Juri.

Wonder how this will effect my Blanks charge game? Only time will tell

After opening up the FightStickPro, there didn’t look to be any Sanwa parts. Think the joystick and buttons will be my next upgrade, off to find prices on Amazon!